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Packet Tracer and Port Security

Will convert all dynamically learned MAC addresses to sticky MAC addresses so that you don't have to statically define them like if you had a couple hundred hosts. Simply allows you to ensure that one is added statically as you already know. Statically defined MACs are also preserved in the configuration, so after a reboot they would not need to be relearned.

From Configuring Port Security. You can configure an interface to convert the dynamic MAC addresses to sticky secure MAC addresses and to add them to the running configuration by enabling sticky learning.

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To enable sticky learning, enter the switchport port-security mac-address sticky command. When you enter this command, the interface converts all the dynamic secure MAC addresses, including those that were dynamically learned before sticky learning was enabled, to sticky secure MAC addresses. The sticky secure MAC addresses do not automatically become part of the configuration file, which is the startup configuration used each time the switch restarts.

If you save the sticky secure MAC addresses in the configuration file, when the switch restarts, the interface does not need to relearn these addresses. If you do not save the configuration, they are lost.

So in your configurations case, you statically defining those MAC addresses is just redundant, anything learned on that port will be converted to a sticky MAC anyway. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Port Security Configuration

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Both make it to the running config. H 48 bit mac address Switch1 config-if switchport port-security mac-address sticky ae Figure shows an application in which a device connects to the switch through the data port of an IP phone.

Configure Switch Port Security MAC Address Sticky - Part 2

Because the device is not directly connected to the switch, the switch cannot physically detect a loss of port link if the device is disconnected. The removed addresses are added again only when the addresses are learned dynamically or configured. Theshow mac-address-table command displays the unauthorized MAC addresses, but does not display the state of the bit.

Port security removes all secure addresses on the voice VLAN of the access port. Port security supports nonnegotiating trunks. Caution Because the default number of secure addresses is one and the default violation action is to shut down the port, configure the maximum number of secure MAC addresses on the port before you enable port security on a trunk. When configuring the maximum number of secure MAC addresses on a port, note the following information:. This example displays output from the show port-security command when you do not enter an interface:. Router config-if switchport port-security mac-address sticky Displaying Port Security Settings To display port security settings, enter this command: Command.

Configures the encapsulation, which configures the Layer 2 switching port as either an ISL or