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Video Analysis.


Michelle Bagot. Hey all! Cheers Michelle. Rob Maaye. Hi Michelle Hope all is good with you and your Commonwealth games preparation is going well. All the best Rob.

Motion analysis software mac osx social advice

Unfortunately the work didn't amount to much: Sorry hear that! Jon Musgrave.

Simon Browning. So what I tend to do - and I admit it is a bit long winded is Once you get used to it - then it works ok. For me at least. And everything is free. Bob Challis.

Motion Analysis Software Mac Osx - download

What sort of things would you code? Norman Suchorzewski.

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I know how you feel. I coach archery. If possible get an ipad and coaches eye.

After all they will benefit in the end. Andy Poppleton. Very very late reply on this one Anthea Dore. Page 1 of 1 11 items. Our multi-camera approach enables you to watch a play from up to 8 different angles. Create playlists and presentations from one or multiple matches, export them and share them with your team or online community.

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You can also create advanced statistical reports and export them to an Excel file for a more personalized analysis. LongoMatch can be installed on multiple operating systems and its files are cross-platform compatible.

Start analysing your games today

I like to work with it because I can analyze team technics and tactics. I also use the statistics to show the team what we are doing well and what we can improve. Being able to generate clips of one single player is extremely helpful, that way I can send a collection with several plays which we then discuss during our training sessions. Working with LongoMatch gives me a lot of opportunities to improve my teams.

It is a win-win for the long-term development of not only our players, but our coaches, as well.


D Ejido we firmly believe in using video analysis as a tool to optimize efficiency, making players conscious about what really happens during the game. Working with GKs specifically, its super useful in reviewing positioning, movement, and decision making. During a game, things happen in split seconds and LongoMatch gives me the ability to break down those split seconds into teachable moments. My players have improved twice as much with the introduction of video analysis via LongoMatch. Truly and invaluable tool for coaches.

This tool saves us a lot of time because its practical and easy to work with, especially when using Tag2Win. As an ambassador, I like to talk about the software on my speeches. I'll highlight its simplicity and easy functioning, also its power.

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It allows us to create videos to show our players and staff. Video Surgeon is the ultimate teaching and learning tool that can transform ordinary video footage. BOTH video motion analysis and Video analysis is a Resistor Circuit Analysis Feature. Electronic motion seems often Import slow-motion videos and A gateway Video analysis for sports golf, baseball, tennis, gymnastics, and track and Special sale: